Quick visit - 20 minutes, perfect for timid cats or small dogs!                                     

Standard visit - 30 minutes, for friendly cats and playful small/medium dogs         

Long Visit - 45 minutes, for more energetic dogs                                                           

Extended visit - 60 minutes, perfect for wearing out large and high energy dogs    


We love puppies! Ask about special rates for puppy 'drop in' visits to help with house training.

Other Services

Fish Tank Cleaning                                                                                        $ Call to discuss

We can offer other pet-related services. If your pet has needs that aren't listed - just ask!

We offer a variety of 'in your home' services to meet the needs of you and
your pet. Call us to set up an initial consultation so we can discuss your
individual requirements.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Vacation Visits - During a vacation visit, as well as feeding, playing with
and exercising your pets, we will also collect the mail and newspapers,
adjust the lighting and window treatments, water your plants, clean up the
litter and any messes and keep a behavior log. If you like, we'll even email
you text or photo updates while you are on vacation! And rest assured, if
there are any problems with your house we will get hold of you. If a pet is
looking unwell we will stay with them or get the appropriate medical
attention per your wishes. So just relax, and enjoy your trip - your pet and
home will be well looked after.

Midday Dog Walking -  Disappointed that you are stuck at work for long
hours, and your dog misses out on the sunshine and fresh air? Too tired
to give your dog the walk it needs when you get home? For a midday visit,
we will feed and water your pets, clean out the litter, and give play time,
exercise and a potty break. Return home in the evening to happy,
exercised and relaxed pets!

Puppy 'Drop In' Visits - Having a new puppy is a great time! However,
leaving it home alone can lead to anxiety and make house breaking
challenging. For a puppy visit, we will drop in, let your new friend out for a
potty break, and clean up any unpleasant surprises he may have left you!
Payment and Policies

We're a small business, therefore, we have to enforce certain
policies to keep our business efficient and to ensure the comfort of
the animals in our care. We trust that our customers understand the
following policies:

- For vacation visits, there must be a minimum of two visits per day
for dogs and one visit per day for cats/small animals

- Payment is due in full before or on first day of service

- We will ask you for two copies of your keys, in case we have a
problem with one set.

- We will hold your keys in a secure location for free - most
customers prefer us to hold onto keys after the first service so we
can visit at short notice. If you would like your keys returned, there will
be a $15 fee for pick up and return in person, or $10 for return by
registered mail.

- Emergency situations will incur a charge of $40 per hour as well as
$.50 per mile over ten miles

- Unless stated, charges listed are for up to two dogs or three
cats/small animals.  Each additional pet may incur an additional $3
charge per visit - Call to discuss.
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